Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Can I Have Them All? ~ American Duchess Giveaway and Pre-Order!

Yesterday I finally recieved my Astorias. For those of you who have no idea what I am talking about, here is a pretty picture to show you.

These lovely beauties are a recreation of shoes worn between 1900-1915. I pre-ordered a pair in January, for my birthday, at a reduced price (yay, me!) and soon, when I'm not drowning in school work, I will finally finish a whole outfit to go with them. I have a skirt pattern from The Vintage Pattern Lending Library, an almost complete underbust corset thanks to the Bridges On The Body 1911 Corset Sew Along, an almost complete envelope chemise based off a pattern in "Women's Wear of the 1920's", and a silk blouse that I just bought on ebay which may or may not become part of the ensemble. I would say I am well on my way to a complete costume (I hope).

American Duchess is currently running a pre-sale and giveaway for the Pompadour, their latest historical recreation based off court shoes from 1680-1740. Through June 1st you can pre order a pair of either ebony or dyeable ivory brocade Pompadours at a reduced price. Visit and check out all the amazingness they have to offer!

Thursday, March 22, 2012

McCall's M6503 1950's inspired dress

Over spring break I decided to embark on a sewing adventure. Well, a sewing adventure for me anyway. I decided to follow a commercial sewing pattern I recently bought (M6503) to the tee, meaning no alterations, no omissions, nothing. Surprisingly what resulted was a wearable dress, and a darn cute one at that! I recently wore it to work and received many a complement and, after telling them I made it, many a question. They were baffled by the fact that a commercial pattern could fit so well. I just chalked it up to luck. The only problem I do have with the dress centers around the sleeves, which is nothing new to me. I have rather large upper arms and tend to have problems fitting into the sleeves of store bought clothing. When I use this pattern again I will definitely alter the sleeves a bit so the raising of my arms will not be restricted.

I was afraid the fabric I chose, or rather the fabric that I was forced to use because it was the only suitable choice in my fabric stash, would be too busy and not to my liking. I was totally wrong. The fabric has a retro feel and looks surprisingly good in dress form. It is bold and unique and I love it! I'm sure I will use this pattern and its different variations in the future.